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Control Electrical Risk on Metallic Pipes

This course will provide the skills required to safe guard work on metallic pipes.

Rouse Hill, NSW

Endeavour Energy (Refresher)

Electrical Safety Rules

As part of this Authorisation, all workers must receive refresher annual training in the Endeavour Energy Electrical Safety Rules.

Rouse Hill, NSW


ESR, ESI, LV Rescue - 1 Day

The Endeavor Energy Package is a combination of UETTDRRF06 (Perform Rescue From Live LV Panel), UETTDRRF10B (Provide First Aid in an ESI Environment) and the Endeavour Energy (Refresher) short course.      

Rouse Hill, NSW


Perform Rescue From Live LV Panel & CPR

This course includes the skills and knowledge required to rescue a person in contact with low voltage live electrical conductors and equipment.

Rouse Hill, NSW


Provide First Aid in an ESI Environment

This course covers the provision of first aid in an Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) envirnoment.

Rouse Hill, NSW


Working safely near live electrical apparatus as a non-electrical worker

This course covers compliance with working safely up to the defined safe approach distance near energised electrical apparatus (inc. electrical powerlines) for non-electrical workers.

Rouse Hill, NSW