Demolition Saw Operation | NSW

Verification of Competency (VOC)

Demolition Saw Verification of Competency (VOC) assessments conducted in the workplace with demolition saw theory and oral questions and the observation of tasks performed.

Aspects of the verification of competency (VOC) can be conducted under simulated conditions where there is issues of safety and environment damage.

Course Information

All participants are required to wear full PPE to their course.

It is essential that students speak fluently and understand English.

As this is an EXPERIENCED OPERATOR course students are required to supply one of the following BEFORE training commences:

  • Completed student log book with between 80-100 hours of machine use recorded (please contact our office if you require one)
  • Evidence letter from your employer verifing the student's past experience and noting specific occasisons when machine was in use.

Elements & Performance Criteria

1. Plan and prepare for demolition saw operations

2. Operate demolition saw in line with established requirements

3. Load, carry and place materials to complete work activity

4. Select, remove, fit and use attachments for a demolition saw