Maintain & Repair Network Assets For Drinking Water

This unit supports the attainment of skills and knowledge required to maintain a variety of water distribution assets.

This course describes the skills required to maintain and repair network assets and comprises the following learning outcomes:

  • Plan and prepare for work
  • Conduct risk assessment for environmental, safety and water quality factors
  • Identify network systems operations requirements
  • Arrangement of site protection and isolation
  • Sterilising of any contaminants before installing fittings and repair materials
  • Check maintenance and repairs to assets according to specification requirements
  • Review, report and record workplace documentation

Those undertaking this unit would work under indirect supervision, while performing routine tasks, in a familiar context, ensuring minimum damage to the environment.

This unit applies to those working as field staff with specific responsibility for ensuring the repair and maintenance of water assets.

Course Information

In-field assessment or third-party reports within a timeframe of 6 months are required for the receipt of Statement of Attainment.

All PPE Requirements and training specifics will be outlined in an email to the participant upon booking confirmation.

The language, literary and numeracy requirements for this course are according to AQF level 3.

Elements & Performance Criteria

1. Plan and prepare for work 

2. Conduct maintenance and repairs 

3. Review, report and record work