Conduct Backhoe / Loader Operations


This course is designed for experience operators, the course will cover the following components of the unit:

  • Planning and preparing for operations
  • Conducting pre-operational checks
  • Operating the backhoe/loader:  

            - Lifting, carrying and placing materials

            - Selecting, fitting and removing attachments for the backhoe/loader 

  • Relocating the backhoe/loader from site to site
  • Carrying out machine operator maintenance
  • Cleaning up 


   Pre-requisites & Course Requirements:

  • Log Book 80-100 hours recorded and a Third Party Evidence Report

           or a previous Statement of Attainment .

  • Photo ID must be presented ie current drivers licence or passport
  • Basic English language and literacy skills 
  • Minimum 18 years of age (Workplace Health & Safety Requirement)
  • All participants are required to wear full PPE


Vocational Outcomes

On successful completion of the course you will receive a Statement of Attainment that is a nationally recognised competency for the unit RIIMPO319E issued by Pipeline Training Australia (RTO 91431).

Elements & Performance Criteria

1. Plan and prepare for backhoe/loader operations

2. Operate backhoe/loader in line with established requirements

3. Load, carry and place materials to complete work activity

4. Select, remove, fit and attachments for a backhoe/loader

5. Relocate the backhoe/loader

6. Conduct housekeeping activities 

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements.